Client Update: IFTech Announce the Release of new SDK for ARAIG

Michael and Brodie Stanfield – Founders of IFTech, with the ARAIG gaming suit

IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. are pleased to announce the release of their Software Development Kit (SDK) for ARAIG As Real As It Gets, a high-tech, multi-sensory gaming suit.

Created by a Canadian father and son team, the ARAIG gaming suit provides a new unique immersive experience through multi-sensory feedback. Whether it is for gaming, training, virtual reality, augmented awareness or another market entirely, ARAIG can deliver the most cutting edge technology to its users. People wearing the ARAIG gaming suit will experience a level of immersion that has never been reached and felt before.

“We have pushed technology in the creation of ARAIG and now there is a new standard for human perception based on sensory stimulation and sensory manipulation,” said Michael Stanfield, Founder and Co-CEO of IFTech. “The ARAIG technology provides real world sensory stimulation for all virtual world environments.”

The ARAIG SDK is used to integrate the ARAIG gaming suit into a customer’s software and properly activate the suit’s various sensors. The software development kit is currently available to companies that have demonstrated they are leaders in their marketspace.

ARAIG Software Development Kit provides:
• Ability to learn how to integrate the ARAIG SDK into customers software
• Access to developer support
• Feedback to help IFTech better support a customer’s needs and development process

“The ARAIG SDK is a big first step to providing developers and solution providers with a means of integrating ARAIG into their games and software,” says Brodie Stanfield, Founder and Co-CEO of IFTech. “We are looking forward to seeing how developers take the ARAIG SDK and create experiences that have never before been possible.”

For companies who are interested in the ARAIG Software Development Kit, or to be placed on the reservation list for the ARAIG Development Kit, please email

Download the IFTech Press Kit here:

About IFTech: Created in 2008 by father and son Michael and Brodie Stanfield, IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. is a high tech innovation company creating solutions to improve and bring about change across as many industries as possible. Their first product, ARAIG As Real As It Gets is a fully immersive, multi-sensory gaming suit.

Client Update: Tiko 3D Proves To Be A Game Changer

Tiko 3D, the creators of the most affordable, elegant, and easy to use 3D Printer officially launched their Kickstarter campaign last week. Within three hours, they reached their goal of $100,000. As of right now, the campaign is over $1 million and continues to climb! The company is bringing delta printing technology to the masses in a user-friendly, affordable desktop device called Tiko.


After being selected by Fallon StarterKit to create their crowdfunding campaign, Tiko was officially unveiled at SXSW. The tech community quickly caught on and were eager to get their hands on a Tiko with the early bird deals selling out within a few minutes.

We’re thrilled with the support that we are getting and we look forward to really disrupting the 3D printing space,” says Matt Gajkowski, Founder and CEO of Tiko 3D. “Our goal is to make 3D printing accessible to anyone who wants to create. With over 5000 backers so far, we feel like we are doing just that.”

Tiko 3D became a Spark Centre client in March 2014. In the beginning stages, Spark worked with the company on legal and manufacturing strategies. In August 2014 they applied to Spark Centre’s Ignite Startup Competition. Tiko 3D were announced as the General Entrepreneur winners of the Ignite Competition and awarded $25,000 to use towards their business. Since that time, Tiko 3D has entered Spark Centre’s Thrive Accelerator Program which offers significant advisory and business support services to achieve a faster market entry.


“We are extremely delighted and proud of Tiko 3D for the phenomenal success of their Kickstarter campaign. It’s a great product and supporters won’t be disappointed,” said Dennis Croft, President and CEO of Spark Centre. “Hardworking and driven, with a fun demeanor, the Tiko team is achieving success in a very rapid time. Their story is a great example for all of our clients here at Spark.”

To purchase a Tiko or to learn more about the technology, visit their Kickstarter campaign here.