Spark Centre’s Cohort 3 Winter Student and Youth Incubator is now underway. This is a great opportunity for some of Durham’s student entrepreneurs to come together and build their businesses. Working out of The Loft, you’ll learn many of the key skills necessary to build a successful business venture!

Please join us in welcoming the following companies into the 2016 Winter Incubator:

BuskWire is a platform for music industry personnel to create an online portfolio, professionally promote their services, and network across the globe. It combines aspects of social media and business, allowing opportunity for those outside of the industry to utilize the services and resources that BuskWire has to offer as well.

Cocoa Desires
Cocoa Desires is a lactose free/ vegan hot chocolate distributor offering a variety of interesting and unique flavours to the GTA and its surrounding areas. We aim to provide a comforting and homey experience that allows our guests to indulge in a warm treat, personalized to their palate or mood that day.

Wolve Instruments

Interactive electronic instruments for the artists of today.