Industry Advisory Board

Spark Centre will not be successful without a constant pulse on the communities it serves and listening to wisdom, learnings, and strategic views from local innovation leaders.  Spark Centre is excited and honoured to have earned commitment from such an exemplary team of successful entrepreneurs, all of which live and work locally, have progressive opinions on innovation, and compete day to day on the global stage.  They walk the talk, show excellence, and have an unwavering passion to help other entrepreneurs learn and become successful.

This Board will not look at governance or operational matters, but will help shape perspectives on long term strategies for engaging our innovative community, with the view of creating a sustainable, globally competitive innovation cluster.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our talented and highly successful Spark Industry Advisor Board.


Dennis Croft
Executive Director, Spark Centre

Industry Advisory Board

Jason Atkins

Founder and CEO, 360 Incentives

Wayne Conrad

Chief Scientist, Omachron Family of Companies

Jodi Glover

CEO and Co-founder, Real Tech Inc.

James Janeteas

CEO and President, Cimetrix Solutions Inc

Jeff Quipp

Founder and CEO, Search Engine People Inc.