MobileXCo Partners with Toronto Parking Authority

Spark Centre client and Whitby-based, MobileXCo have partnered with the Toronto Parking Authority to introduce a new pilot project in select Liberty Village parking lots. The project allows users of the Green P Mobile Pay App to download discount coupons for area retailers, powered by MobileXCo.

The pilot project is being conducted at 2 designated Liberty Village lots, #181 1155 King Street West and #224 34 Hanna Avenue in partnership with mobile solution provider, MobileXCo, with the view to expand the program across Toronto in 2017.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for retailers to connect with their customers, as well as to provide an enhanced shopping experience,” said Peter Pinfold co-founder at MobilexCo. “In partnership with Green P, we’re able to provide retailers with a powerful mobile solution, so they can drive sales, foster loyalty, and save money.”

Participating Retailers (Liberty Village):
Metro (Grocery Store)A029_C044_0101YT.0000613
Global Pet Foods (pet food)
Hero Certified Burger (Fast Food)
Shoeless Joe’s (Restaurant)
Panago Pizza (Fast Food)
The Roastery (coffee)
For the Love of Cake (Bakery)
Brazen Head Irish Pub (Restaurant)
Williams Landing (Restaurant)
Oats & Ivy (Restaurant)
Home Hardware (Hardware)
Athlete’s Kitchen (Health Food)
Suzanne Gardner Flowers
V.O.C. (Women’s Clothing)
Vibrant Lifestyle (Health)
Smooth Wax Bar (Spa)
Kitchen Stuff Plus (Retail)
Toronto FC (Sports)

The coupon redemption process is extremely easy for retailers to implement and for shoppers to use. There is no special hardware or software required at point-of-sale and no need to scan barcodes at checkout. All that is needed is a smartphone. For a video demonstration of how the program works, click here

About MobileXCo:
The Mobile Experience Company (MobileXCo) is a mobile solutions provider that specializes in mobile-first retail experiences. Tether™ – a mobile marketing platform that helps retailers build, manage & measure personalized marketing experiences

Client Profile: Tool Belt Technologies

by Brandon Drenikow, Founder of Tool Belt Technologies 

Tool Belt Technologies is a software company that strives to help emerging game developers enhance their user’s experience. Tool Belt Tech is currently in the process of releasing its first analytics tool, Vixen, which helps developers optimize the playtesting process, saving developers precious time and money.

The analytics tool, Vixen, has been in development since June 2014, beginning as a research project at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), started under the supervision of assistant professor Dr. Pejman Mirza-Babaei and associate professor Dr. Andrew Hogue. During this time, the proof of concept and earliest prototype was researched and developed. Vixen development was continued through UOIT’s incubator program during the final year of Brandon’s undergraduate Game Development & Entrepreneurship program under the supervision of Morden Shapiro. This allowed the company to begin designing the initial concepts of the business model and further iterate on the designs of Vixen with the help from two former developers, Thomas Galati, and James Simpson.

Tool Belt Technologies founder Brandon Drenikow began to pursue his masters to develop Vixen with the intention to advance the field of computer science and the games industry. During his first year of grad school, Brandon teamed up with four experienced software developers, Chris Carmichael, Liam Svirk, Derek Chong, and Tucker Alban to continue iterating on Vixen. Since then, our team remains to be these five members as they join Spark Centre’s Youth Incubator Program for the summer of 2016.

With our strong skill set for innovative technology we joined Spark Centre seeking help with the business aspects of our company, as we understood our need for assistance with key business sections such as marketing, finance, and legal. Our members have taken away high value from Spark’s presentations such as Marketing that STICKs, Finding and Compensating Partners, Startup Fundraising, along with many others! We have taken advantage of the Spark Centre’s experience and services to further and refine the development of our business.

Our main goals for the remainder of the summer are to launch our product on the Unity Asset Store, a platform similar to the Apple App Store but for game developers, and to begin the building of a loyal customer base from our potential business clientele. This will provide Tool Belt Tech with the opportunity down the road, to provide playtesting services for our customers as well as provide a sustainable revenue stream for our business. To aid with marketing our new product, Tool Belt Tech has acquired initial startup capital to help cover some of the expenses, receiving $3,000 in assistance funding from the Firefly Grant.

For more information and visuals on the technical aspects of the product, or to register for our monthly newsletter; please visit our website. Our newsletter will provide information on the current status of the product and company.

Thanks for taking your time to read about Tool Belt Technologies product, Vixen, Unity’s first Games User Research tool!

Ignite 2016 Sponsorship Opportunities

In 2015, Ignite entered its third year and 78 Innovative startup companies were put through an even deeper and more rigorous selection process. The process involved three competition categories: Student, Young Entrepreneur and General Entrepreneur.

Four months later, IFTech and Sound Options emerged as the winners and each received $25,000 in cash and were inducted into Spark Centre’s Thrive Accelerator Program. Check out the Ignite 2015 journey HERE.

Ignite has now become Spark Centre’s most notable public event, bringing awareness to our start-up industry, local entrepreneurship and the importance of creating an innovative ecosystem.

Applications for Ignite 2016 are opening soon! If you are interested in sponsoring Ignite, please have a look at our value-packed sponsorship package. All inquires can be directed to

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